question: high virtual memory usage

Andrew DeFaria
Tue Jun 14 02:18:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent wrote:

> Just to clarify:
> taskman's "Mem usage" column == procexp's "Working set" column and 
> this is the amount of memory that is actually being used by the process.
> taskman's "VM size" column == procexp's "Private bytes" column and 
> this is the total amount of code+data that has been assigned to the 
> process, though not all of it is necessarily in use.
> procexp's "virtual size" is simply a representation of the amount of 
> virutal memory that has been allocated to the process. Virtual memory 
> is not real memory and it only means that X number of pages have been 
> allocated, it says absolutely nothing about the actual memory used by
> the process, and you should ignore it completely unless you have a 
> specific reason to need to know about it.

That may be but it does represent the "footprint" of the process or at 
least the amount of memory + swap reserved (doesn't it?). As such I seek 
to minimize such usage.

Why are people willing to get off their ass to search the entire room 
for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the 
channel manually?

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