how do I cite cygwin for academic publication?

Arturus Magi
Tue Jun 14 05:53:00 GMT 2005

Peter Waltman wrote:
> since I used cygwin to implement my masters project (which I'm not 
> getting into publishable form), I'd like to check to see if there is a 
> preferred citation that the mainainers want used when citing cygwin.  Do 
> you have one?

Our preferred citation is pretty much irrelevant.  Use the same citation 
method that your instructor/institution requires for any other software 
(I could get a copy of the MLA citation method for electronic media, but 
I don't have the time available right now to hunt down my copy of the 
MLA manual).

For the author, cite the person(s) who wrote the code you're actually 
citing, if available, or 'Red Hat, et. al.' if you're citing the Cygwin 
project as a whole.

Publisher is Red Hat (use the full corporate name, as it's not commonly 
recognized publisher. It should be written out in full in the Cygwin 
website's copyright notice).

Also, as a note: submitting a masters project may still be considered 
distribution.  You may want to solicit advice from a legal athority, if 

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