how do I cite cygwin for academic publication?

Peter Waltman
Tue Jun 14 13:30:00 GMT 2005

yeah, I guess I should have clarified.  every journal has their own 
specific requirements for citation /method/, so that will depend on 
which publication I decide to submit my article.  I was more interested 
in the content, i.e. author, title, publisher, year, etc. as some 
projects such as the Weka Machine Learning project ask folks to cite a 
specific book that they have published.

thanks for the help,


Arturus Magi wrote:

> Peter Waltman wrote:
>> since I used cygwin to implement my masters project (which I'm not 
>> getting into publishable form), I'd like to check to see if there is 
>> a preferred citation that the mainainers want used when citing 
>> cygwin.  Do you have one?
> Our preferred citation is pretty much irrelevant.  Use the same 
> citation method that your instructor/institution requires for any 
> other software (I could get a copy of the MLA citation method for 
> electronic media, but I don't have the time available right now to 
> hunt down my copy of the MLA manual).
> For the author, cite the person(s) who wrote the code you're actually 
> citing, if available, or 'Red Hat, et. al.' if you're citing the 
> Cygwin project as a whole.
> Publisher is Red Hat (use the full corporate name, as it's not 
> commonly recognized publisher. It should be written out in full in the 
> Cygwin website's copyright notice).
> Also, as a note: submitting a masters project may still be considered 
> distribution.  You may want to solicit advice from a legal athority, 
> if possible.

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