question: high virtual memory usage

Dave Korn
Tue Jun 14 18:02:00 GMT 2005

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>From: Shankar Unni
>Sent: 14 June 2005 18:10

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
>> Still cannot reproduce (my Process Explorer shows the same numbers as the
>> TaskManager).  Which version of Process Explorer are you using?
> I can. I've just downloaded v9.11 for Win2K/XP/NT 32-bit.
> Anyway, it shows these wildly inflated Virtual Sizes

  They're not "wildly inflated".  They are correct, it's just that you've
(IIUIC) misinterpreted what the figures refer to.  Please read the previous
post in this thread for more information.

  In anycase, this is all getting off topic for the main cygwin list.
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