tcsh doesn't find commands that end with .exe

Volker Quetschke
Tue Jun 14 20:38:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> (...)
>>And all lower case, (cygwin only). Try something like this:
> Well, it seemed like a good idea way back when.  But I agree that it's
> probably not quite contemporary anymore.
> Try the below patch.  It removes the 'all lowercase' and it allows to enter
> all tools with exe suffix.  If that's basically what you had in mind, I'll
> send the patch upstream and create a new Cygwin tcsh release.

Thanks for patching this! I was mainly concerned about the
unpredictability when starting different programs ending in .exe.
I didn't know that it was (before your patch) by design. But i like
the new design better ;)

I found another variation of my testcase showing that the failure
in the path hashing also happens in directories with less files
and that it doesn't "disable" the hashing for those directories

Unpatched standard cygwin tcsh:
[quetschke@Macros ~]$ which gcc.exe
[quetschke@Macros ~]$ which whoami.exe
whoami.exe: Command not found.
[quetschke@Macros ~]$ which whoami

This doesn't "feel" like a cygwin bug, but cygwin's tcsh
makes it easier to find it. I'll try to write a consistent
bug-report to the tcsh people.



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