tcsh doesn't find commands that end with .exe

Volker Quetschke
Wed Jun 15 13:12:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>>Unpatched standard cygwin tcsh:
>>[quetschke@Macros ~]$ which gcc.exe
>>[quetschke@Macros ~]$ which whoami.exe
>>whoami.exe: Command not found.
>>[quetschke@Macros ~]$ which whoami
> Doesn't happen with the patched tcsh.

Yes, sure because now the .exe versions are also in the hash. There
are two szenarios:
1. Everything is well (only a few files in dir):
    blah and blah.exe are in the path hash.
2. Something is wrong (many files in dir):
    blah* is not hashed and therefore blah, blah.exe, BLAH, BLAH.EXE,
    BlAh.ExE, etc. are found. (You can force this by using unhash.)

IMHO your patch hides the problem with the broken directory hash
and I thought I should report to the tcsh people that the path
hashing algorithm might have a problem with many files.


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