Cygwin pine addressbook problem

Daniel Barker
Wed Jun 15 21:41:00 GMT 2005

Dear all,

I cannot make the address book work with Pine 4.58 for Cygwin,
downloaded with the entire Cygwin package today and running under
Windows XP Service Pack 2.

If I copy over my old Pine 3.x address book from a Unix system, or if
I create a new address book from scratch in Pine, it complains the is out of sync. Re-generating it with

pine -create_lu .addressbook fullname-with-lists-last

gives a segmentation fault. I've tried copying the Unix address book
with and without the .lu file. Of course, when I generate a new
address book from scratch, there is initially no .lu file. So the
problem cannot be due to different versions of Pine (3.x vs 4.x), but
must be with Cygwin pine's use of the address book and/or .lu files.

Thank you for any advice. I haven't tested Cygwin pine extensively,
but everything else about it seems fine so far.

Best regards,

Daniel Barker

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