isql does not work in cygwin (bash or zsh)

Brian Dessent
Thu Jun 16 00:30:00 GMT 2005

David Brusowankin wrote:

> Bingo. It is set to ntsec tty for cygrunsrv. If I unset it, what will
> happen to those services started by cygrunsrv?

'ntsec' is on by default and is hence rendundant.  And I can't think of
a situation where a service would need a pty from a CMD.EXE session
(other than an interactive service specifically meant to open a CMD
prompt, but that's kind of rare), so 'tty' is redundant as well.  I have
neither of these set and all my services work fine (sshd, cron,
cygserver, apache, etc...)


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