Cygwin bail-out: cygexpat-0.dll not found

Gerrit P. Haase
Thu Jun 16 11:49:00 GMT 2005

Andreas Eibach wrote:

 > Error message is
 > "Dynamic Link Library cygexpat-0.dll not found in specified path".
 > This happens when I try to start X Window ("startx"). I know this
 > is not the place to ask X questions, but when I did a Windows
 > search for *expat*, I found something related to Perl or
 > Python, so it does not seem to be an X only issue ...
 > The main problem is that I cannot find out which package this DLL
 > belongs to, so I don't know which package to reinstall. I also
 > remember that I got an error message with setup.exe, but I don't
 > remember anymore which package it was.

Guess what, the package name *is* expat.

Try a reinstall of this package only.


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