Any chance to get Apache 2.0.xx working on cygwin?

Andreas Eibach
Thu Jun 16 13:33:00 GMT 2005

OK, install succeeded, now the next important thing starts:

Apache 2.0. For a customer, I do need 2.0 and a Unix-ish system, and I actually cannot afford switching back and forth between (real) Linux and Windows, so cygwin will have to do.

But 2.0 seems to be required to be patched for cygwin.
First thing, before anyone asks why I haven't searched the mailing list archives, one thing:
 This is VERY bad. You can only search for "Apache and 2 and 0 and 54", but not for apache and 2.0.54 (read 2 dot 0 dot 54 _in this order_). Quotes aren't accepted either; I think as the mailing lists archives are that important and used so much, there should at least be an exact match. No user wants to delve through 500 or 1000 messages with 450 or 950 of them irrelevant. (Rant over.)


As the online search is - well - awkward, I couldn't find anything related to that, not even when sorting by score.
The main problem with Apache on Cygwin is that even when setting LogLevel to DEBUG, you do not get any infos what is actually wrong. (And according to a few posts on this lists I've come across, I'm not the only one that complains about this.)
Nice thing about Apache 2.0.54 is that it compiles OOTB without any errors. Nice.
FYI, I just did a ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && install. That's about it.

[without service]
First try was to get Apache working _without_ service. I read that you should NOT use apachectl, but rather a Windows service. But I just wanted to test whether it works _at all_, so I did use apachectl:

 /usr/bin/apachectl -k start -e debug &

Blah. Nothing was running. The process line gave a 'Done', that is, the server started and terminated instantly after. Not good. OK, then httpd directly for a change:

 /usr/bin/httpd &

No go either.
But I had read the README (although the version was totally mismatching) and knew that you could install apache as a real Windows service. OK, why not try that.

[with service]
cygrunsrv -I apache -p /usr/bin/httpd -a "-F"

Argh. This was even worse.
I did a 
cygrunsrv -S apache

and got a Windows error: (I try to translate from German)
cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: QueryServiceStatus: Win32 error 1053:
The service did not respond in time to the starting or stopping request.

Lovely. OK, then lets exit cygwin...


...and cygrunsrv was still running and had be KILLED by force by Task Manager!
Ah: Service status of the service has always been 'Being started...' no change, all buttons disabled.

I think I will have to give this up (for now) and install apache_win32 without cygwin.
I do need the 2.0 environment to match my documentation I did, and currently cygwin only seems to work with 1.3 version, heaven knows why. Concluding with the fact that users even had problems with latest 1.3 version on cygwin.

(If only there was more LOGGING *sigh* ... but if apache doesn't tell me WHAT is wrong, I cannot intervent anywhere)

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