Cygwin handling of space-separated usernames

Thorsten Kampe
Thu Jun 16 15:02:00 GMT 2005

PCYMTWLL, please -

* Michael PARKER (2005-06-16 14:17 +0100)
> Our domain logins have usernames of the form "firstname lastname". Cygwin assigns the USER env. variable to the "firstname lastname" string,

No, Cygwin doesn't do anything like that. It's bash in /etc/profile.

> but many utilities (such as rsh, passwd)that rely upon seeing a non-space-separated username, encounter problems when processing logins, reporting user passwd information etc.

Quote the username properly and file a bug report if that doesn't

> Has anyone encountered similar problems and found a successful workaround?

"Don't use spaces in usernames" is the best solution for that.

> Can Cygwin be told to map the space-separated Windows domain login to a non-space-separated string?

Sure (/etc/passwd)

> Is this a bug in Cygwin's conversion of Windows login/user data?

No. There is nothing converted so there can be no bug. Cywin (or to be
more precise: "mkpasswd" uses simply the original NT account name and
the original NT SID)/
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should definitely read the user guide to get some basic
information about Cygwin.

And please get some basic information about shells, too. The proper
handling of space separated values is neither limited to Unix shell
and utilities, not even to usernames, because the problem is the same
in legacy Windows cmd.exe/


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