Any chance to get Apache 2.0.xx working on cygwin?

Brian Dessent
Thu Jun 16 15:02:00 GMT 2005

Andreas Eibach wrote:

>  This is VERY bad. You can only search for "Apache and 2 and 0 and 54", but not for apache and 2.0.54 (read 2 dot 0 dot 54 _in this order_). Quotes aren't accepted either; I think as the mailing lists archives are that important and used so much, there should at least be an exact match. No user wants to delve through 500 or 1000 messages with 450 or 950 of them irrelevant. (Rant over.)

The htdig on is pretty bad.  I always use google to search
the archives.  You can do this easily with a query of: inurl:cygwin inurl:ml <query words here>

You can even use more "inurl:"s to restrict by year/month since those
are part of the URL.  In addition, the list is archived at many other
places, all of which have searches.  Three that come to mind are,, and

> Nice thing about Apache 2.0.54 is that it compiles OOTB without any errors. Nice.

See the other recent thread.  It will probably take some patching to
work.  Off the top of my head I'd suggest having cygserver installed and
running for both the configure/make and when starting apache, so that
you get the IPC functions.  For testing, it will probably be easier to
skip trying to run it as a service and get it running first when just
starting it from the prompt.  Make sure it's not trying to switch user
accounts though because this will not work outside of the SYSTEM
account.  Alternatively you can try starting it from a SYSTEM-shell
(search archives) which will simulate the service-startup environment
and allow for easier debugging of why it won't start.


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