Problem compiling Setup but unsure if my install is hosed or is it the source or autoconf/automake

Brian Keener
Fri Jun 17 06:07:00 GMT 2005

Thanks Brian for the follow up and the suggestion.  As I mentioned I did just 
do a clean install of cygwin and all apps to a Windows XP laptop but like a 
dummy and lazy person I copied my cvs tree from the Win2k laptop.  Then when I 
tried to compile on the WinXP machine and I still got the error I blew away the 
setup cvs tree and checked it out again.  And the compile still failed.  
Obviously there something wrong with higher on my CVS tree (I guess).

The only other thing I can think of is what version of autoconf and automake 
and libtool are you using.  Mine are the versions that were released when 
stable and devel became obsolete.  But not sure that is it.

I'll blow away my CVS tree and recheck everything out and see what that does.  
As I say the rest of my install on the XP machine is all fresh.



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