POSIX devices

Arturus Magi sailorleo@isonews2.com
Fri Jun 17 07:37:00 GMT 2005

Carlo Florendo wrote:
> Oliver Vecernik wrote:
>> But how do I know the order of device names? It all depends when the
>> devices are plugged on to the system. Is there a command to find out?
>> dd if=/dev/sd? of=/tmp/foo bs=512 count=1
> AFAIK, Cygwin does not implement the /dev directory.

Cygwin does implement /dev (and /proc, plus the Windows specific 
/registry), you just can't ls it because it's all internal redirection 
magic.  There is a script (Google is your friend) to create and populate 
/dev with null files as placeholders for working devices, so that ls and 
the like can grab them. The Cygwin /dev magic will ignore the files in 
favor of the virtual device handles when you actually try to use them.

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