How to give commands to execute after (login)shell invoked

Oliver Geisen
Fri Jun 17 16:26:00 GMT 2005


there is a neat trick to expand window's context menu (right-click) 
with commands.
I would like to add something like "Open BASH here..." so if i 
right-click on an
Folder in Explorer i can open a bash shell and it's already cd'ed into 
the path.

I know where the registry must be patched but i struggle around with 
the options to bash.
In the reg-key the windows-variable %L is expanded to the path, but 
where can i include
it so bash will do an cd to it after invocation ?

i tried: bash.exe -i --login -c "cd %L"
but shell will terminate as soon as cd-command is executed :-(

Any hints from you, folks ?

With best regards,

Oliver Geisen
Kreisboten Verlag Mühlfellner KG
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