Any chance to get Apache 2.0.xx working on cygwin?

Max Bowsher
Mon Jun 20 00:41:00 GMT 2005

Andreas Eibach wrote:
> *Please ANYONE*: anyone who has this 2.0.xx thing running _successfully_ 
> on
> cygwin, please report back here. Maybe I can learn a bit of nifty tricks
> from you :)

As I said in the recent thread "Apache DSO modules under Cygwin", I'm quite 
happily running Apache 2 under Cygwin. With the addition Subversion modules, 
no less. Keep an eye out on cygwin-apps, after this most recent burst of 
interest, I've bumped finishing off the half-made package I've had for a 
while up my todo list. Package is building right now, actually. *crosses 
fingers, hopes for no build errors*.


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