Clone cygwin-setup settings from one PC to another

Oliver Geisen
Mon Jun 20 09:09:00 GMT 2005


>>> is it possible to find out which packages installed via SETUP.EXE on
>>> one PC and use this information (selection) to automatically install
>>> the same on another PC ?

> Or simply copy the installed.db file, make the package cache available 
> on
> the network, do "install from local directory", and set All to
> "Reinstall".
Sounds good...

> There may even be a command-line option to setup to do this.
> You'd still need to replicate any changed configuration files, 
> though...
"may" ? or is there any ?
This would be the key for a distribution system.
So i could save the "installed.db" for some systems according to their 
station names und start
an sync-script everytime i change something. This script could be 
started from ssh-bash.

BTW: What is the meaning of the *.lst.gz -files in the /etc/setup 
folder ?

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