Mouse button copy/paste not working

Charles Packer
Mon Jun 20 16:51:00 GMT 2005

As a Unix veteran but first-time Cygwin user,  I've discovered that I 
can't paste selected text with the middle button under these 
circumstances: I have logged into a remote Unix system and start some X 
window from there -- an xterm, say, or xedit. I select text in one of 
those windows (by dragging with the left button down) and then try to 
paste somewhere else in the window. It will paste only if the selected 
text is still highlighted. This is not right; it should have been copied 
to some buffer that is still available to the middle button even if the 
originally selected text is no longer highlighted.

Oddly enough, the problem doesn't exist with the local Cygwin xterms and 
xedit -- only with those that the remote system creates. For what it's 
worth, the .xinitrc script that Cygwin uses in this installation runs 
xwinclip and then wmaker. The invocation of twm has been commented out. 
When I do a ps, I see that wmaker appears twice.

Incidentally, occasionally the middle button does worse than merely not 
paste; it kills the window. The error message showing in the main Cygwin 
xterm is: BadAtom(invalid Atom parameter); Major opcode of failed 
request: 18(X_Change Property).

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