Mouse button copy/paste not working

Igor Pechtchanski
Mon Jun 20 18:02:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, Charles Packer wrote:

> As a Unix veteran but first-time Cygwin user, I've discovered that I
> can't paste selected text with the middle button under these
> circumstances: I have logged into a remote Unix system and start some X

Wrong list.  Please follow-up to <cygwin-xfree at cygwin dot com> (I've
set the Reply-To: accordingly).

> window from there -- an xterm, say, or xedit. I select text in one of
> those windows (by dragging with the left button down) and then try to
> paste somewhere else in the window. It will paste only if the selected
> text is still highlighted. This is not right; it should have been copied
> to some buffer that is still available to the middle button even if the
> originally selected text is no longer highlighted.
> Oddly enough, the problem doesn't exist with the local Cygwin xterms and
> xedit -- only with those that the remote system creates. For what it's
> worth, the .xinitrc script that Cygwin uses in this installation runs
> xwinclip and then wmaker. The invocation of twm has been commented out.
> When I do a ps, I see that wmaker appears twice.
> Incidentally, occasionally the middle button does worse than merely not
> paste; it kills the window. The error message showing in the main Cygwin
> xterm is: BadAtom(invalid Atom parameter); Major opcode of failed
> request: 18(X_Change Property).

See <> (please read
the whole section).
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