lynx getting segv when following a link with right arrow key

Brian Dessent
Tue Jun 21 03:14:00 GMT 2005

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:

> On the 20050615 snapshot (and maybe other releases, haven't used lynx
> in a while) lynx is repeatably segfaulting when I use the right arrow
> key to follow a link.

I noticed that the other day actually.  The link in question was one
that did not have a protocol in the URI, for example: <a
href="//">...</a>.  I believe that this is permitted by
the standards, and it allows for having a site accessible with the same
links over both http: and https: at the same time.  (The browser is
supposed to use whichever protocol is in effect currently when presented
with such a URL.)

I did not take the time to figure out why lynx was segfaulting, I just
switched to the linux box where lynx worked correctly on such URIs.  By
any chance was the link you visited the same type?  It could very well
be an upstream bug -- does a lynx upstream still even exist?  I seem to
recall reading that development on it stopped long ago.


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