Exim 4.50 with Content filtering and SPF

Herb Martin HerbM@LearnQuick.Com
Tue Jun 21 12:08:00 GMT 2005

> > It looks mostly like IPv6 stuff is causing the glitches.
> This is the problem with libspf2, making the IPv6 stuff 
> conditional should do it, but I am not a programmer so I have 
> not really an idea how to start, all the IP stuff is mixed 
> together in several functions and it will be some work to do 
> to divide it into IPv4 and IPv6.

Although I didn't look at this enough to even have
a right to an opinion, it occurred to me that SPF
really does need to be able to process an IPv6 format
address to calculate SPF correctly.

Perhaps just digging up the correct .h file or the
correct structure settings is the right way to go --
it's not like SPF actually sends any network data
other than querying DNS perhaps.

But when the SPF/txt record comes back from DNS it
might have 'mechanisms' such as ip6: within it and
thus the address format for IPv6 will follow.....


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