Bash Command History Scroll Back Problem with Multi-line Commands

Eric Blake
Thu Jun 23 18:53:00 GMT 2005

> This falls in the annoyance category.  Anyone have problems using scroll
> back history with commands that are long and split over muliple lines in the
> terminal?
> What happens is that the screen doesn't get refreshed properly and the
> cursor seems to placed in the wrong spot..

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Are you using bash-2.05b-17 or bash-3.0-2?  If you are using the older one, try the experimental new version to see if it was an upstream bug that has already been fixed by the new release.  Which terminal are you using (Windows, rxvt, or xterm)?  Also, report what "echo $TERM $PS1" shows - I know that if you tell bash the wrong information as to which characters in the prompt are actually printing characters, bash is bound to be confused.  Also, the style of history completion can be controlled by various shell options, so report the output of "shopt | grep hist" and "env | grep HIST".

Eric Blake
cygwin bash maintainer

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