Bash Command History Scroll Back Problem with Multi-line Commands

Thu Jun 23 19:09:00 GMT 2005

Yup, thanks guys, I found out the exact source is the prompt setting:

This does not work:  export PS1="\e[32m\w$\e[0m "
This works fine:   export PS1="\w$ "

I inherited this bashrc, so the first settings are hieroglyphics to me. 
Seeing as I don't care much about colour anyway, I'll just remove it.

Thanks so much!

"Brian Dessent" <> wrote in message
> ImranKhan wrote:
>> This falls in the annoyance category.  Anyone have problems using scroll
>> back history with commands that are long and split over muliple lines in 
>> the
>> terminal?
> No problem at all here.  This is usually caused by improper use (or lack
> of) \[ and \] in the prompt to tell bash which characters are
> nonprinting.
> Brian

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