strptime error when setting a different TimeZone with export TZ=UTC

Eric Blake
Fri Jun 24 19:57:00 GMT 2005

> Here you call strptime() to fill in the values of 'try', however the
> strptime function has the semantics that it will only fill in the
> members of struct tm that it is asked to parse.  This means that after
> the call, some of the members still have undefined values. 
> Specifically, the members tm_wday, tm_yday, and tm_isdst will contain
> garbage.
> >         ts2 = mktime(&try) - atoi(timezone)*3600;
> And here you pass this value of 'try' that still has uninitialized
> values to mktime(), the result of which will be undefined as well.  I
> think you were just lucky that it worked in the case where TZ was not
> set, but in general once you encounter the situation where you pass
> uninitialized data to a function, all bets are off because your program
> is invalid C.

Not necessarily.  According to POSIX, a strptime implementation is allowed
(but not necessarily recommended) to set all fields of try, even the ones
not related to what was parsed:

"It is unspecified whether multiple calls to strptime() using the same tm
structure will update the current contents of the structure or overwrite
all contents of the structure. Conforming applications should make a
single call to strptime() with a format and all data needed to completely
specify the date and time being converted." -

But yes, your advice is also relevant - don't call mktime after strptime
unless you are SURE all fields (except tm_wday and tm_yday) have been
initialized properly.  And pre-initializing to all 0s (as in struct tm try = {0,};)
does not work, either, since the rules of <time.h> state that tm_month
must be 1 - 12.  In short, struct tm is a nightmare to use, but we are
stuck with it for standardized backwards compatibility.

Eric Blake

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