NFS errors

Crump, Michael
Fri Jun 24 21:38:00 GMT 2005

When I was trying to get NFS working a few months back I found that if
you have more than one network connection on the server machine all of
the connections have to be enabled and connected to a network.  After I
did this nfs did work.

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At 01:59 PM 6/24/2005, you wrote:
>After an abortive attempt a few months back, I am trying once more to
>NFS working (Windows XP, cygwin 1.5.15).  The daemons (portmap, mountd,

Maybe you want to update to current (or snapshot) Cygwin (at least)?

>nfsd) start up without error.  I have a /etc/exports file that
>/exports/c  rowan(rw)

Don't you need something like "squash_uids" here to handle your Windows
*nix user ID mapping?

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