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Dave Korn
Mon Jun 27 15:00:00 GMT 2005

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>From: Peter Green
>Sent: 27 June 2005 15:05

> I am new to the list - apologies if this has
> all been sorted out before, but I couldn't find the
> solution.
> Files I create from within Cygwin (e.g. by touch or
> the output of gcc) have numerical group ID 10545,
> while those created in Windows applications (e.g. Thunderbird,
> Notetab) get group ID 4294967295. 'mkgroup' gives
> 'Users' the ID of 545.
> This is confusing me, and giving me problems
> accessing my own file s- how do I get all these IDs to agree?

  4294967295 is -1, which is an error return, not a gid.  Have you set up
your /etc/group file correctly?

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