problems building subversion 1.20
Wed Jun 29 22:00:00 GMT 2005

Quoting Max Bowsher <>:

> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  I am attempting to build svn 1.20 under cygwin (latest)
> To get, I assume?
> Some of the output below leads me to believe that you are not using the
> Cygwin source package as a starting point - perhaps this would be a good
> idea?
> If you don't want to do this, then I would point out that the Cygwin package
> is configured using --with-apr=/usr --with-apr-util=/usr --with-neon=/usr .

I also neglected to mentioned that the reason I prebuilt apache 2.0.54 was to
obtain the apxs script which is not provided in cygwin's apache2:

  cygcheck -l apache2 | grep apxs

I hazard that it would not be prudent to match apxs from my build with
apr/apr-util from cygwin's build?


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