SV: SV: Bug in printf ?

Peter J. Acklam
Thu Jun 30 12:30:00 GMT 2005

Dave Korn [] wrote:

> wrote:
> > How come "0.125" gets printed as "0.12", and not "1.3"?
> Absolutely, there's a rounding error of some sort.

For what it's worth: My Sunblade 100 running Solaris 9 has
Solaris' /bin/printf and GNU's printf as /usr/local/bin/printf
and both give "0.12", not "0.13".

I am quite sure it is the printf returning "0.13" that is buggy.
Note that the value "0.125" can be represented exactly with IEEE
double precision arithmetic, so inexact representation is not the
matter here.


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