Problem compiling Setup but unsure if my install is hosed or is it the source or autoconf/automake

Brian Keener
Thu Jun 30 18:35:00 GMT 2005

Just a follow up on this:

I finally resolved this and as everyone knew/suspected it was not an 
autoconf/automake issue or at least I don't think it was unless there was 
something missed in update to update to update.  I actually had the same 
autom4te error on 3 machines of which I either propagated the original problem 
from the Win2k machine (that had experienced corruption) to my WinXP (this I 
believe I propogated) and a Win95 (I didn't copy the tree or anything so not 
usre how this propogated) or there was something in the succession of updates. 

At any rate I resolved the Win95 and WinXP through a full removal and reinstall 
of Cygwin and my build tree - just reinstalling all the packages and 
deleting/rebuilding my cvs build tree was insufficient.

I knew I was home free when I got to the STL error as previously reported by 
Igor in cygwin-apps:

on either the WinXp and the Win95 machines.  So I just thought I would close 
this out for the archives with a final resolution.

Thanks for all the help and assistance


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