Tony Karakashian
Thu Jun 30 21:21:00 GMT 2005

> Dunno what you're up to but I'm running syslog from inetutils just
> fine.  Cygwin tries to syslog on /dev/log if it's available (it's
> usually created by syslog) and there's also a /dev/kmsg pipe which
> would be utilized for kernel messages ... *if* Cygwin would have
> anything like kernel messages.  Nothing gets sent to /dev/kmsg so far.
> Right now it's's only a proof of concept for using mailslots.

We just put in a new server that's used to centrally manage firewalls
on our desktops.  Unfortunately, while the vendor originally told us
logging was done to a SQL database, it now turns out that logging from
the clients goes to a syslog server.  I've generally used syslog-ng
instead of the standard syslog, and in this instance it's much more
critical as we're going to be seeing over 50gigs of logs/month and
need to archive and rotate logs fairly automatically.  -ng does this
very well.  Following your advice, I installed the default syslog as a
Windows service, and /dev/log is created, but only when syslog is
running.  How do I create it so it's always available?


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