load a shared lib created using gcc/Cygwin

Yu-Cheng Chou cycchou@ucdavis.edu
Thu Jun 30 23:51:00 GMT 2005

I made a mistake in the previous reply.
Here I state my question again.

mylib.dll was built using gcc/cygwin based on some library that 
might depends on cygwin1.dll.
I don't want to load cygwin1.dll explicitly, but I do need to load 
mylib.dll dynamically at run-time in an application which was built by 
Visual C++ or .NET.

How should I do?


> > Can a shared library mylib.dll built using
> > gcc -shared -o mylib.dll file.c
> > be loaded dynamically at run time by function
> > LoadLibrary("mylib.dll") in an application built using
> > Visual C++ or .NET?
> > I tried it in Windows XP with the latest version of
> > gcc/Cygwin, the application will hang
> > at LoadLibrary("mylib.dll").
> If mylib.dll depends on cygwin1.dll then this will not work.  To load
> the Cygwin DLL dynamically requires special attention, as described in
> the FAQ: <http://cygwin.com/faq/faq.html#SEC102> and recent mailing
> list
> threads, as this is a very recent ability.
> If mylib.dll does not need functionality from Cygwin, then you should
> compile it with -mno-cygwin, and it will be dynamically loadable without
> extra care just like a standard windows DLL.  More information about
> this is at <http://www.mingw.org/MinGWiki/>.  If you go this route you
> are no longer using Cygwin so your questions should really be addressed
> to the mingw list.
> Brian

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