cygstart regression [Was: Re: on the road to 1.5.19 - snapshot testing needed]

Aaron Humphrey
Mon Oct 3 16:56:00 GMT 2005

On 10/2/05, Michael Schaap wrote:
> To be able to check whether something has changed in the path handling,
> I've uploaded a version of cygstart that prints out the exact
> ShellExecute call it is making, at
> <>.  Could you perhaps download
> that, try it out both with a snapshot and 1.5.18, and let us know
> whether it prints out something different?

With 20050930 snapshot, running 'cygstart_dbg empty.mdb':


With 1.5.18, the same command:


They look pretty similar to me.

> If that's not it, then I don't know what it could be.  Must have
> something to do with timing, or the exact memory location, or something
> like that, especially since the problem disappears under strace...
> To track it down, perhaps you could try:
>  - "cmd /c start whatever.mdb" from a Cygwin prompt

Works.  So at least this gives me a better workaround than running strace,
if I can remember it.

>  - "cygstart whatever.mdb" from a cmd.exe command prompt


>  - save the simplest possible Access database, and see if cygstart can
> open that

Doesn't work.

>  - make sure whatever.mdb is on a local disk, in the current directory,
> and has a simple file name

'empty.mdb' is in 'C:\'.  Running 'cygstart empty.mdb' from /cygdrive/c doesn't

For all cases, "works" means that the mdb file comes up properly in Access 97,
whereas "doesn't work" means the error message mentioned in my original
email on the subject(

For another data point, cygstart works fine on my Windows 98 SE computer,
running a recent snapshot(forget which one, sorry), but it has Access 2000.

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