installer bugs? packages tree

Grant Allan
Wed Oct 5 03:04:00 GMT 2005


i installed cygwin for the first time yesterday.  when i got to the screen
where i choose which packages, i went straight to the root item in the
tree, and set it to "install".  the tree seemed to update all its branches
to "install" as well, so i thought "yay!".  but when i clicked "next"
button, it told me that i hadn't selected certain packages that were
required for certain other selected packages.  then i thought "huh?"
because i had selected to install everything.  i was anxious about what
other packages had been missed, because i truly wanted a complete install.

[b.t.w., as an experiment, i went back to the tree view, and laboriously
set every branch to "install".  when i clicked "next" this time, that
message didn't occur.]

later on, i wanted to start over and do a fresh install of cygwin.  so
(using setup.exe) i tried to uninstall all of it.  strange stuff again.  i
set the root node to "uninstall" and click "next".  again i get a message
that i have chosen to install various packages without their dependencies.
 again i though "huh?" because i had chosen to uninstall everything.


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