can't "make" gtkglarea-1.2.3

Grant Allan
Thu Oct 6 13:52:00 GMT 2005


i tried to use "patch" but it got rejected.  (rejection file attached)

not too sure what manual editing i should do, but happy to give it a shot
if you can tell me.

i did try pasting some of the lines from the patch into and
then went to run autreconf.  but "autreconf" is an unknown command.  do i
have the spelling right?


> Try `patch --help` first, and `man patch` should get you starting.
> Easy approch, just read the unified diff and edit the affected file
> manually.  Or just run `patch < gtkglarea-1.2.3-1.patch` from the top
> sourcedir where you extracted gtkglarea.
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