configure and asinl function problem

Tim Prince
Sat Oct 8 13:40:00 GMT 2005

Joost Kraaijeveld wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to compile MICO, a CRBA implementation. It uses configure
> for it's configuration.
> Using "AC_CHECK_FUNCS(infnanl isnanl isinfl asinl ldexpl frexpl fabsl
> floorl ceill):" in results in  "#define HAVE_ASINL 1" in
> config.h
> This appears however to be not true: during the actual compilation the
> compiler complains when encountering the function. There is actually no
> header that defines the function, so the compiler is right ;-).
> According to a mail I found on internet
> ( this
> happens because configure does not uses a compiler header but creates
> its own function prototype and the function is included in the libraries
> (as far as I can see it appears to be in libstdc++.a) 
> 1. Is the diagnose of the problem correct (I have looked into the macros
> but I have to admit that I do not understand what they do) ?
> 2. If so, is there a solution for this problem?
> 3. If stdc++ contains asinl, is there a reason why it is not used?
Maybe you have omitted information, which might explain why you 
discarded some obvious possibilities, but here are some points:
newlib doesn't include full support for long double math, as you hinted.
You could supply your own asinl() (easy way: use the built in x87 
If the function you want is in libstdc++, gcc doesn't see it, but g++ 
should see it.
You could fix the config.h manually, if, for example, you have a reason 
for running it only under g++, but you want the result to be applicable 
to gcc as well.

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