cant set baud rate with stty

Brian Dessent
Sun Oct 9 21:19:00 GMT 2005

tns1 wrote:

> I noticed that setup did not automatically choose the very lastest
> versions - maybe the mirror was not up-to-date on all dependancies?.
> Anyway, I had to manually select the 5.90-1 over the 5.2.1-5

coreutils 5.90 is a *test* release.  It is not meant for general use,
and setup never chooses test releases unless you tell it to.  This
coreutils won't even work with the current cygwin 1.5.18, it requires a
recent snapshot.

> At this point I am just trying to verify that what I am trying to do
> should work. Does '$stty /dev/com1 19200' change the baud for anyone in
> a shell or a script, or am I chasing my tail? If it works, what version
> does it work for?

Are you sure you're even using the Cygwin stty?  What does "type stty"
and "stty --version" report?  On my system stty won't even accept that
syntax, it needs -F (but works fine setting the baud rate otherwise.) 
Since you're using a third party packaged Cygwin then all bets are off
really, and technically you need to ask on their mailing list and not


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