How to install Subversion 1.2.3-1?

Matt England
Wed Oct 12 14:09:00 GMT 2005

At 10/12/2005 09:03 AM, Chris Taylor wrote:
>Matt England wrote:
><snipped - details of attempt to install svn>
>Well, the standard answer you're going to get back is 'use setup'.
>I've just tested it (with setup) and it installed fine.
>More useful would be your email on the problems you have with setup, in 
>detail, and the output of cygcheck -svr *ATTACHED* , as per 

Thanks for the quick update.  Someday I'll be able to understand how to use 
setup.exe.  I'm wondering if that day will come before I pass from this 
earth.  See the other email thread for my tirade on setup.exe.


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