Windows update vs. cygrunsrv

Tim Prince
Wed Oct 12 16:05:00 GMT 2005

Eric Blake wrote:

> When running Microsoft update today, on Win2k,
> the patch for Security Update for DirectX 9 for Windows
> 2000 (KB904706) hung during installation, with an
> instance of cygrunsrv hogging 100% CPU, until I had
> stopped every last one of my cygrunsrv processes.  I
> don't know what the Microsoft update was trying to do
> to running services during the update, but it obviously
> didn't interact very well with cygrunsrv.
I don't think the Microsoft update process is compatible even with 
running Microsoft applications, so I make a practice of shutting cygwin 
down entirely.  I ran the updates, including Office 2003SP2, without 
major incident yesterday, on Win2K, WinXP-32, and WinXP-64, total of 4 
installations, with cygwin installed but shut down.  It did take over an 
hour on the system which is on an ordinary DSL line.  There were plenty 
of pop-ups interspersed on the XP systems, about RealPlayer needing an 
update but the site being down, or CA anti-virus not being in a mode 
acceptable to Microsoft.  As you know, Microsoft is not very sympathetic 
to people who want to avoid down time for applications not purchased 
from them.

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