ssh tunnel and permission denied

Brian Dessent
Thu Oct 13 10:45:00 GMT 2005

Leonard Bouchet wrote:

> Actually, according to netstat, the binding works because it listens to
>, while the windows' sharing service listens to my locally
> assigned ip address, for example
> That's my guess after some additional researches. I still don't know
> why I get a 'permission denied' when I try to access this mounted
> drive, though.

That was what I suspected.  Even if you aren't sharing anything the SMB
server still is listening on the interface.  It looks like ssh only
binds to localhost and not which would fail.

But I guess that doesn't matter, since the net use succeeds and you can
access Z: through explorer.  What happens if you try mounting Z:/
instead of using /cygdrive?

I've done SMB-over-ssh in the past but I used PPTP, not this method (for
the binding reasons already mentioned.)  I abandoned it though because
over a broadband connection it was untolerably slow.


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