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Eric Blake
Fri Oct 14 13:34:00 GMT 2005

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According to Christian Weinberger on 10/14/2005 12:26 AM:
> I could not post to the cygwin applications list via gmane, so I reply
> to the main list. Apologies if this not the way it should be done. 

I don't know why cygwin-apps is registered as a one-way only list on
gmane, but I have also found it is annoying that you can't post there
through gmane.  It would take permission from the list owner for gmane to
change the policy on their mirroring of the list (at least gmane still
respects the subscriber-only posting rules).  However, gmane also has the
annoying property of not allowing file attachments, so you really should
be using a proper email client and not gmane when trying to send attachments.

As for you comments about cygwin applications, they really do belong on
cygwin-apps; I've changed the reply-to accordingly.  Also, attachments are
better received if they are MIME attachments, not uuencoded inline; and
with a text MIME type if they really are text based (the number of mail
clients out there that blindly assume every attachment should be marked
application/octet-stream is unfortunate).

> I´d be glad to assist the maintainer in building a 2004g package for
> cygwin. 

There has been no response from the uw-imap maintainer, at least per  If you
are volunteering to maintain it, you will need to respond directly on the
cygwin-apps list.

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