Where is documentation on bash "wait"?

Eric Blake ericblake@comcast.net
Sat Oct 15 17:45:00 GMT 2005

> I tried info and man and could not find any information on wait. I want to
> (using bash)

Did you try 'man wait'?  That would have pointed you to 'man bash', where
as a bash builtin, wait is properly documented.  Also, 'info bash' will tell you
about bash builtins, or you can try 'help wait' for a short synopsis.

> (1) How do I wait for multiple children and wake up when the first one dies?


> (2) Examine the status code of the dead child and possibly spawn a new one?

I don't know of any way in POSIX to do this, but it is not really specific to
cygwin, so you might try asking a more appropriate mailing list.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin bash maintainer

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