Peace Everyone dark.ts@gmx.de
Sun Oct 16 23:57:00 GMT 2005

Peace Everyone wrote:

>> I'm a noob with cygwin and have a question about EventListening, is 
>> there an interface or a class I can use? Or some add on libraries to 
>> include or do I have to write/implement my own EventListening Class?
> That's a good question.  I guess it depends on what kind of events you
> want to listen for and where you believe the events are being generated.
> You'll have to get much more specific about what you're trying to do
> before someone on this list can offer you advice on this matter.

Okey, It's like creating events in the (Console and Graphic)UI to inform 
the ENGINE which data is needed.

One alternative is the console based UI, u type one command and several 
options, from which u generate the adequate event to inform the ENGINE 
what data the GUI needs

The other alternative is the "real" graphic based UI, with all the cute 
little buttons and textfields in place of the console based UI....

I hope u now understand what I mean ;)

thanks for your answers
Peace Everyone

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