Customising prompt

Robert Bram
Mon Oct 17 03:25:00 GMT 2005

Hi All!

I want my prompt like this:
bash2.05b User rbram on host cml035835 in dir /cygdrive/c/
Mon Oct 17 12:52:59> 

Here is my attempt so far:
PS1="\n\s\v \[\e[31m\]User \[\e[34m\]\u \[\e[31m\]on host \[\e[34m\]\h\[\e[31m\] in dir \[\e[34m\]\w\n\d \t> \e[30;47m "

The issue is this: the I am getting black text on grey background - why is this? I thought "\e[30;47m " means black text on white background. That is what I understood from this page:

Kind regards,


Robert Mark Bram
Portal Analyst Programmer
eTechnology, Coles Myer Limited
+61 3 9635 1036

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