Latest cvs causes programs using ptys to hang

Pavel Tsekov
Tue Oct 18 13:46:00 GMT 2005

I've rebuilt the Cygwin dll from CVS sources today and all programs using
pseudo terminals hang. I've tried sshd, in.telnetd (via inetd), rxvt and
MC and all of them hang. If I start MC without subshell support (i.e. pty
support is not used) it will work flawlessly. in.telnetd manages to
execute login which authenticates me fine and then bash is started but
hangs before the prompt is displayed and after the following is displayed

Last login: Tue Oct 18 16:35:32 from
You are successfully logged in to this server!!!
You have mail.

I've tried to debug the problem but it seems extremly hard to attach to a
bash process using the pty slave end. strace doesn't print any data too.

This behaviour is new. I've been working with dlls built from CVS for
quite a while and this has never happened.

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