SETUP: In-use files have been replaced

Herb Martin
Tue Oct 18 22:20:00 GMT 2005

> Eric Blake wrote:
> > Your situation isn't normal because you didn't stop all cygwin 
> > services.  While the idea has been tossed around on this 
> list that it 
> > would be nice if setup.exe could stop services for you, to date, it 
> > does not.  Therefore, IT IS UP TO YOU to stop services beforehand.
> Thanks. I remember one of the Cygwin major contributors 
> indicating that (s)he didn't find the need to stop the Cygwin 
> services first, but perhaps I misunderstood.

I think the following is obvious but to make sure 
and for those not experience with such issues:

Wouldn't we also need to stop all Shells or any other
CygWin process?

And:  If there are not CygWin processes (services,
shells, other apps) is it considered a bug if Setup
cannot complete the update?

A related but really different question:

I had to use source to compile a module with different
from default options.

How can that module be installed so that Setup will 
STOP trying to replace it?

(...and thus not need me to uncheck the item, or 
ensure it is unchecked, on each  run of Setup.

Is this procedure described somewhere (FAQ etc.)?
Herb Martin

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