Accessibility and Cygwin setup.exe

Lennart Borgman
Tue Oct 18 23:19:00 GMT 2005


I am be no means any expert on this, but I feel I still can add a couple 
of comments. I looked into the accessibility functions on MS Windows 
some years ago. I was interested in running programs automatically (for 
testing purposes). It turned out that this was technically very 
difficult (but possible) with old windows controls, but that the newer 
controls had support for this - in exactly the form of accessibility 

I believe Microsoft has put some effort in making all newer controls 
working with their accessibility framework (MSAA). So making basic 
accessibility work in MS Windows applications is possible by just using 
standard MS Windows controls. The keyboard support though, has to be 
made specific for every application, but the basic support for doing 
this is their and it is not difficult.

To my previous note about using wxWidgets I should add that it looks 
like not all wxWidget controls have accessibility support yet, but it is 
currently beeing worked on, see

Kind regards,

Sean McMahon wrote:

>hello!  I'm one of the people who from time to time brings up the
>inaccessibility of the setup.exe program of cygwin.  Basically what I've been
>told is that I'm free to work on it at any time.  True but not helpfull because
>I don't know where to begin because I don't know enough about windows
>programming and don't know if these issues are due to a fault of the window
>classes not being recognized by my screen reader or if the developers of setup
>are using a wigit set that doesn't meet accessibility requirements.  In short,
>and I appologize for those who have already seen me bring this up before, the
>view button should openup a standard listview controll containing 3state check
>boxes similar to those found on the windows installation cd and in the setup
>program in windows which allows you to add or remove some features.  In this
>control on windows hitting the spacebar toggles the state from not installed to
>custom  installed to fully installed.  In other words, if you have some of the
>components of the accessories group, the box in windows setup allows you to
>remove accessories completely, install extra accessories components or keep the
>existing level of components.  The other controlls which need work are the radio
>button for full vs. custom installation vs. all not installed.  The radio
>buttons for prev cur and exp distrobutions work fine.  Finally, the check boxes
>for add icon to desktop and add icon to start menu do not toggle with the space
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>Subject: Accessibility and Cygwin setup.exe
>>I read in the archives that there has been some discussions about
>>accessibility and Cygwin setup.exe. Are there any plans to improve this?
>>Keyboard support was not mentioned there but is also an important
>>accessibility feature for many people. Are there any plans for keyboard
>>Kind regards,

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