Timestamp not preserved by Cygwin sshd

Alex Luso tapadamocho@yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 04:21:00 GMT 2005

  I just noticed a bug in Cygwin ssd.

  If I try to preserve the time stamp of a file that I
transfer via scp to a XP machine running Cygwin's
sshd, the file gets copied but the timestamp is not

  The specific error that is reported is:
scp: warning: File transfer protocol mismatch.
scp: FATAL: sshfc_transfer.c:2496 SshFCTransfer
(function name unavailable) Unreachable code failed:
Invalid code reached.

 I am running the latest release of cygwin (1.5.18-1)
on an up-todate Win XP Pro machine (SP2). 


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