SETUP: In-use files have been replaced

Herb Martin
Wed Oct 19 18:10:00 GMT 2005

Eric Blake wrote:
> Herb Martin wrote:
> > So what is the method to teach Setup that the file has been updated.
> Have you tried simply uninstalling the Cygwin package? If you 
> installed the new one into another location, you presumably 
> don't need or want the other one. For most packages at least, 
> SETUP doesn't automatically try to update it if you haven't 
> installed it.

I didn't install Exim 4.54 into another location;
someone else mentioned an alternate locationa and
I (perhaps incorrectly) mentioned that I had downloaded
and compiled it FROM another location.

The "make install" was run normally and the specially
compiled (make options) is in the default (/usr/bin)

All I wish to do is make Setup aware of this if it
is possible.  

For now, I must (carefully) ensure that setup doesn't
overwrite my "good" version with the default.

Herb Martin

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