sshd refuses ssh connections

Brian Dessent
Wed Oct 19 22:27:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent wrote:

> No, it's a red herring.  The host keys should be readable only by the
> process that runs sshd.  This must be SYSTEM in order for impersonation
> to work.  Thus they should be readable only by SYSTEM, and that is how
> ssh-host-config sets things up, correctly.  So if you try to run sshd as
> your normal user account, it will not work.  That's why it's a bad idea
> to mess around with running sshd from a regular prompt, because you will
> run into all kinds of permissions/ownership issues unless you know
> precisely what you're doing.

The footnote to this is that if you obtain a shell as the SYSTEM user,
you can run sshd from a prompt in debugging mode without any issues. 
There is a script somewhere in the mailing list archives, I think it's
called "sysbash", that achieves this.


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