Accessibility and Cygwin setup.exe

Brian Dessent
Wed Oct 19 23:22:00 GMT 2005

Sean McMahon wrote:
> Well, getting decent keyboard access is naturally an interest of mine.  I'll see
> what I can dig up about this from my screen-reader manufacturer.  More then
> likely your assumption is correct, but if it doesn't work with "standard"
> windows controlls, that's also something I need to know.

I've not any experience with screen readers, but from what I can tell
the main thing is that if we use standard widgets provided by the OS or
by the common controls DLL, we should be fine.  The current problem is
that the package chooser is a custom window that does everything itself,
and so it is completely opaque to things like screen readers.

That does present a very small problem with the fact that setup has to
support all versions of windows back to 95, which means we can't assume
any given version of the common controls DLL.  (Or maybe we alredy do? 
I'll have to look.)  Some of the neat stuff that MS addded for 2k and XP
will not be available in the older versions, but I think there should be
enough functionality to implement a package selection screen.


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